misty 2 clear windows provides the only cost-effective and
environmentally-friendly alternative to window unit replacement.

The misty 2 clear windows process works by removing the visible moisture that has accumulated over time in the window and in the saturated silica pellets in the frame providing full window restoration. Uniquely designed micro filters that are activated by sunlight, are installed to allow the moisture to escape. At the same time, the filters work as a one-way valve to prevent any new moisture from entering the window.

Determining Window Restoration Objectives.
In order for us to determine your Window Restoration Objectives simply indicate which stage of failure your windows are at. Please note that windows are usually installed as a "family of windows" which means all the windows or Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) in your home or building where built at the same period of time, usually within hours or days.

Watch for fog or condensation showing in windows in your home, office or commercial building; this pattern indicates that the "family of windows" in the building are likely at the end of the engineered life span.

The Four Stages of Window Failure.
Stage 1 - Foggy Window or Window Condensation.
When the window reaches a threshold saturation point, moisture becomes visible as fog or condensation resulting from the falling dew point between the panes of glass. In the early stages of visible failure, a mist or fog may appear and disappear through the natural cycle of evaporation.
Contact Us today BEFORE any permanent damage occurs to your windows.

Stage 2 - River Bedding.
As the moisture saturation point is further exceeded, permanent window damage can begin. When moisture becomes permanent, it will run down the surface of the glass using the same path as the first drop. Over 6 - 12 months this cycling activity will physically etch the surface of the glass leaving a "river bedding" effect. Note that water droplets collect moisture on the ride down the glass surface meaning that riverbed damage is typically more aggressive at the bottom of the glass surface. Contact Us today BEFORE any permanent River Bedding damage occurs.

Stage 3 - Silica Haze
Silica haze is a destructive chemical growth that can appear within a window even if it has never shown any visible signs of moisture. A closer look at the window will show unusual, snow-flake-like patterns, cross hatch patterns running at a 45 degree angles or a white chalky haze that begins to grow over the surface of the glass.
Contact Us today BEFORE any permanent Silica Haze damage occurs.

Stage 4 - Riverbed & Silica Haze
In addition to the dry type silica haze, windows that have been consistently moist or wet will also develop silica haze and an additional damaging effect called "river bedding". The damaged caused by silica haze and river bedding is irreversible if the glass surface has been physically damaged.
Contact Us today BEFORE any permanent Riverbad and/or Silica Haze damage occurs.

Don't Replace your Windows - Restore Them!

Our process can remove up to 70% - 80% of the surface damage and stop any further degradation of the glass surface. The earlier silica haze or river bedding in your windows is stopped the better the results.

If you see any of the above signs of window failure in your home or commercial building call us right away.



Once all moisture has evaporated, depending on weather and location, the window is returned to its original enclosed airspace condition. Its U-value is fully restored, resulting in perfect visibility and reduced energy costs. What you end up with is a vented window, which we guarantee will never fail and is backed up with a 12 year Warranty. It is our Window Restoration Solution that Gets the Mist OUT!

Fast, effective on-site repair without removing the glass!

The misty 2 clear windows process allows the work to be done at your home or business from the outside without removing your existing windows. There is minimal inconvenience to you.